Best Fruits for Diabetics

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Which are the best fruits for diabetics? This is the common question which arises in the minds of the diabetics as many of them believe that they can’t eat fruits as all fruits contain high sugar content. But there are lots of healthy fruits for diabetics who do not increase the blood glucose level and these fruits for diabetics could be said to be best fruits for diabetics.

Fruits having these two characteristics are particularly beneficial fruits for diabetic patients:

Low Glycemic Index

-Fruits with low Glycemic Index(GI) are good for people with diabetes. Glycemic Index describes the effect of carbohydrates present in food materials on our blood glucose levels. Fruits with low GI will produce small change in our blood glucose and levels of insulin. Low GI fruits release the glucose slowly into the blood which avoids the sudden rise in blood glucose levels. This is an important factor in diabetes management.

High Fiber content

-Fruits especially rich in fiber are good fruits for diabetics as they have a low glycemic index. Fibers present in these fruits slow down the absorption rate of sugar in the bloodstream. Hence these are good fruits for diabetes.

List of Best Fruits for Diabetics

The healthy fruits for diabetics are listed below:


-Called as a “diabetes super food” by American Diabetes Association blueberries help the body to efficiently process blood glucose for energy. Blueberries have low calorie content which also helps in weight loss and losing belly fat. Fruits for diabetes increase the sensitivity towards insulin and help in managing blood glucose levels.


-Grapefruits help in weight loss and this in turn helps to reduce insulin resistance. A study has found that consuming grapefruit could help in diabetes treatment. Scientists have found that an antioxidant “Naringenin” present in grapefruit can produce the same effect as the drugs used to treat Type 2 diabetes. Ingredients present in grapefruit help the pancreas in insulin production. The antioxidant Naringenin helps to increase the body’s sensitivity towards insulin, and also helps in weight loss.


-Avocados are beneficial for preventing diabetes complication and problems associated to cardiovascular system. Avocados are rich in mono-saturated fats and according to American Diabetes Association foods rich in mono-saturated fats reduce the cardiovascular related complications due to diabetes.


-Pears contain a natural fruit sugar “Levulose” which adds to the sweetness of the fruit and this fruit sugar is easily converted to energy in diabetics. Pears are low in calories and carbohydrates which is good for diabetics. Pears are high fiber fruits and are helpful in reducing blood glucose and body weight.


-Strawberries as one of the fruits for diabetes have low glycemic index which makes them a natural choice of diabetics. Strawberries contain ingredients called anthocyanins and ellagitannins which are found to be helpful in treating Type 2 diabetes. Eating strawberries after a carbohydrates rich meal helps in reducing blood glucose levels by breaking down the starch molecules. Diabetics face the risk of eye related problems. Strawberries contain antioxidants which prevent eye damage and improve eye sight.


-Apples are one of the healthy fruits for diabeticsas they are not only high in fiber content but also contain natural fibrous chemical Pectin which reduces blood glucose levels up to 50%. Raw apples have been found to decrease the amount of insulin needed by as much as 50%. Experiments have shown that blood glucose levels decrease sufficiently in diabetics within 24 hours after eating apples. Apples have glycemic index in the range of 38 which shows that it is one of the healthy fruits for diabetics. The inflammation symptoms of diabetes are reduced significantly by consuming apples.


-Many people think that watermelon is not good for diabetes as it is high in sugar content. But it is a severe misconception. The natural sugar present in watermelon can be easily converted into energy. The Cartenoids present in watermelon are known to reduce blood glucose levels. Watermelon also reduces the production of free radicals which can harm a diabetic patient. Watermelon also contains a nutrient “Lycopene” which is a good antioxidant and prevents the risk of blood glucose related infections.


-Can diabetics eat oranges? Yes. Orange is one of the fruits for diabetes. American Diabetes Association considers oranges as a “diabetes super food” and encourages including oranges in the diabetic diet. Oranges have a low GI (33 to 51) and diabetics can consume one orange per day. Oranges have very high content of soluble dietary fiber which helps in controlling blood glucose level by lowering the sugar absorption rate. Oranges also contain several antioxidants in high concentration which are helpful against several ailments including diabetes.


– Papaya is hypoglycemic in nature. It helps in controlling high blood sugar levels. It has been found that people eating papaya can have better control over diabetes and can reduce the insulin shots. Papaya can also prevent diabetic heart disease. Papaya is a very nutritive fruit and contains more carotene in comparison to other fruits such as guava and apples. Papaya is rich in enzyme “Papain” which protects the diabetics against harmful free radicals.


-Many diabetic patients suffer from constipation. For such people plums and prunes are very beneficial. These are known to improve the functioning of digestive system and are a good remedy for constipation. These are rich in antioxidants known to reduce harmful free radicals.

Rose Apple

-Rose Apple is one of the fruits for diabetes. The infusions of roasted and powdered seeds of Rose Apple are found effective in diabetes control. Rose Apple is rich source of fiber and it has also low fat and calorie content which is helpful for diabetics.


-Guavas are fruits with low glycemic index( GI is 20) and high fiber content. Eating guavas keeps your blood glucose levels steady and also provides energy. Guavas are one of the richest sources of Vitamin C which is beneficial for a diabetic patient.


-Cherries contain chemicals called anthocyanins which increase insulin production and thus help in lowering blood glucose levels. Anthocyanins also help in preventing type-2 diabetes.


– Peaches have low glycemic index and high fiber content. They are rich sources of antioxidants and vitamin C. Try to avoid syrupy and canned peaches and eat only fresh peaches. They are one of the good fruits of diabetes.

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19 Replies to “Best Fruits for Diabetics”

  1. These are some good suggestions as my mom was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 not too long ago. We were quite shock because she has always been quite healthy and cautious with her food. She’s also a fruit lover so we have to pay more attention to what she consumes these days. Both of us are fans of papaya so I am glad that is on the list.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that dear..This period You need to work closely with her in other to help her manage it.You need to advise her on how to take her insulin properly, engaging in exercises as well as well as dietary changes.

      thanks once again for your comment

  2. This is a great list, to the point and packed with information. I’m not diabetic, but I have family that is, and I’ve found that a lot of what’s good for diabetics is good for most people for other reasons too. In particular, low GI foods and high fiber help with a whole host of things from digestion to skin conditions – like my personal issue, acne. You put together a good list of foods that I think a lot of people would benefit from. I especially appreciated your comments about watermelon. A while ago, people decided that sugar was the great enemy to diet and all we had to do was get rid of that. But I think you did a good job of pointing it’s not always about the sugar itself, but what comes with the sugar that make the biggest difference.

    1. Hi Shannah,

      Thank you for finding my post interesting and informative. Of course the diabetes are human and their food is the same food we eat on daily bases but due to their condition, the food list is made so that they will know the type of food to eat and those to avoid. As their food is made mostly of natural protein and vitamins everyone can eat food like that.

  3. Just what I was looking for. My nephew was recently diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. It took the doctors a long time to get to this, because at first they were thinking he had cancer, because of his drastical weightloss…

    I’m glad they finally found the real problem and that the solution for him is keeping a healthy diet. I’ll send him your article, because I’m sure he’ll find it useful.


  4. Either by accident or incident diabetes it’s sure not a easy disease to cope with you start watching what you eat and a lot of people don’t do great in that aspect but fruit is highly recommend lots of them i presume, consumption of high fiber products and low glycemic products is a huge Yes for a diabetic individual. Fruits like Papaya, Peaches, Avocados and Strawberries should be high on any diabetic person grocery list. This post is an eye opener now I know what to advise any diabetic individual I come across to eat when he/she is having an hard time deciding or trying to make the wrong call. A great write up, the post couldn’t have been better. You did a great job putting this up. Nice work admin

    1. Yea, diabetic individuals always have hard time choosing what to eat. Having fruits available is of a great help in times of selecting what eat as natural sugar does not cause problem as a mechanized sugar.

  5. A very useful and comprehensive article. It can be surprising what has to be avoided as a diabetic. My elderly father needs to control his Type 2 diabetes. Luckily, he also has a healthy diet so articles like this can be very helpful is showing which fruits are best placed to form a regular part of that diet.

    1. Understanding diabetic and how to manage it makes the effect of diabetic less risky on the sufferer. These fruits mentioned in this article are very good for a diabetic patient. Thanks for your comment

  6. Thank you for this wonderful list! I always assume that watermelon and oranges are not good for diabetic person. What if you have it as a juice? Maybe as a smoothies is better because of the fiber? I will share your post to my dad. He has a type 1 diabetes and always assume that all fruits are not good him except berries. Now he can finally eat more varieties of fruits without having to worry about his blood sugar.


    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      Water melons and Orange juice are good for diabetes. The fruit juice contain natural sugar that doesn’t cause harm but gives natural strength. 

      Thanks for your contribution

  7. wow thanks very much to the writer of this post, most of the solution here things that i have looking for awhile back because My grandad was recently diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. because of his age he drastically had weightlost.

    i will try in possible capacity to get this things for him now

    1. Thanks for finding this post helpful. This fruits are really important to the diabetic patients. You most of the time diabetic patients are confused of what to eat and what not to eat. So we write these posts to help our audience make a wise choice of the type of fruits to eat. Glad it helped you.

  8. Thanks for your post on fruits for diabetics. Used to think all we need was injections, food or manipulated supplements from stores.

    I am a lover of fruits, though i don’t take them all the time but most weekends. And my favorites are watermelon, apple, banana and pineapple. Hope its fine?

    1. You ha e already known the fruits you like and the best time for you. After reading the post and you need some adjustment you do that accordingly.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. this is a real good read. my dad is diabetic and his food choices were so limited. I cant wait to share this with him.

    its a shame bananas are not here….its his favourite

    Im glad you pointed out that sugar is not the enemy but what comes with the sugard that makes the biggest diff especially with watermelons.

    will this be helpful for a pre-diabetic? also can eating these fruits help prevent diabetes?

    1. Diabetes sometimes comes from previously accumulated sugar from bad habits, that is, a bad choice of food so that eating these fruits might prevent a predisposed  individual from getting diabetes if he checks the type of foods he/she is eating

  10. Thank you so much for this very informative post. Diabetes is like a canker worm eating deep into people, especially the adults. I have some one who is diagnosed of diabetes and was seriously warned to abstain from anything that contains sugar. She don’t eat fruits too because of the belief that since most fruits are sweet, they contain sugar.

    Glad to know that there are fruits with low GI that can help people with diabetes. 

    1. Glad to know that you find my post helpful. Diabetes is a problem in the society and those concern are always confused on what to eat, with good knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat. It will be of a great help to them.

      Thanks for your comment

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